IMK - Happy collaborators, employees and suppliers are worth more than greedy clients

Happy clients are the basis of any business with long term sustainability ambitions, but clients can only be satisfied by happy providers.
At IMK, we put a strong emphasis on the happiness of our employees and collaborators/suppliers, to the extent that we avoid working for clients that do not understand this simple principle. 

Here is the story of our happy collaborators:

Earth Networks

Since 2004, Earth Networks is a specialised, network design company, providing solutions to the global cellular network industry.
Our strategic alliance with Earth Networks focuses on jointly developing business opportunities on complementary markets.

KL Solution - Romania

KL Solution is our privileged partner for Web Hosting and Software Development.
Our web-based applications are hosted on KL Solution's servers, with remarkable speed, availability and security performances, since 2006.
Occasionally, KL Solution provides specialized consultants for our various projects, as well as for our Remote IT Support activities.

Zeimat SPRL - Belgium

Our Belgium-based partner for Line of Sight and Industrial Rigging activities.
Zeimat is a family business for complementary activities. As such, they are very sensitive to flexibility and prefer working part-time, according to their own schedules.
Through Netvision, IMK offers them the possibility to book the activities that they estimate being able to execute and carry them on at their own pace, thereby keeping administration and planning tasks at a minimum level.

Mr. M (Freelancer) - Belgium

As a Telecom Engineer, M. is currently working on a permanent position. Since M. has a few free hours per day, IMK is using his services on activities related to Data Input, Database Management, Reporting, Remote Support and Configuration.
The flexibility of working with IMK on a part-time basis has always been highly appreciated by M.

Archdesign - Romania

Archdesign is an architecture office in Cluj-Napoca, Romania, with a very good expertise in CAD/GIS. IMK is using their services for Technical Drawings and Database Management, with constant, excellent results.

Intermap - Germany

Intermap is a worldwide provider of geographical data (map products and terrain databases).
Our collaboration with the Munich office of Intermap consists into a strategic alliance aiming at reciprocally promoting our services.
IMK has integrated into the Line of Sight module of Netvision the Intermap Digital Elevation data, providing path profiles with an outstanding accuracy of 1-2m.

Max-Net - Romania

A Telecom subcontractor, partner in the RCA Group.
We are using Max-Net services for Telecom I&C projects as well as for Remote Network Support, Database Management and Reporting following through on-demand processes that have always worked perfectly.