S.D.U.P. - Simple Databases User-configurable Platform (or something like that...)

In a few words, S.D.U.P. (or simply SDUP, for the intimates) is a web-based application allowing to create (without programming): 

   - Input forms containing data (text, numbers, dates, photo's, attachments, etc.) 
   - Search pages using the fields defined in the Input form.
   - Results tables

If this is what you are looking for, and the above info is enough, you can already tell us about your project and let us know how we may help you:

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If not, you can continue reading the blah, blah. It might be useful, after all.

We call this a "Simple database" application, suitable for most SME's front or back office needs, such as:

   - Clients or Collaborators listings
   - "light" CRM systems
   - Helpdesk systems allowing to create and follow-up trouble tickets
   - Registration forms for events
   - Stocks management
   - you name it ...

We customize it to your particular needs (if necessary), we pack it nicely in an iframe and it integrates seamlesly with your own website or other applications.

We sell this as a monthly service, tailored on your needs and budget, from 10€/month on, up to several hundreds, for very complex set-ups.

Your benefits: 

* You stop using Excel files, Word documents, E-mails and Post-it's for tasks that require a different approach.
* You and your colleagues work on a common, web platform, tailored to your needs.
* You stop adapting your needs, to match some lousy tools. You deserve better.
* Since you still like Excel and PDF, all the data you put into SDUP is exportable to Excel files while individual records can be generated as PDF reports.
* At this point, your stress level is decreasing and you become enthousiastic again.
* Keep smiling, it's not over yet.
* Our customized package usually includes a few monthly hours of support and development.
* You do all of the above and many more, for 0 (zero) initial investment. Instead of developing, hosting and maintaining a "home-made" application for thousands of Euro, you leave the hassle for us and start paying a small monthly fee, only once it becomes operational according to your specifications.



The FIA - Some components of their www.campingcardinternational.com admin interface are based on SDUP, as well as their Helpdesk system. The FIA is also using SDUP as registration forms for regular events gathering hundreds of participants.

   - Click here to test an "event registration" type of application.

JA-YE Europe - The Trouble Tickets system used to follow-up IT maintenance issues for the Brussels office is designed with SDUP.

Phantomshopping - is working with 3000+ collaborators for Mistery Shopping actions. The database handling the details of these collaborators is powered by SDUP.

Alcatel-Lucent - a checklist based on SDUP is used to record action points and configuration details that the Support Engineers need to verify when Telecom equipments are deployed in the GSM network of BASE Belgium.

Ongoing project - Our client is a consulting company, working on EU projects in various parts of the world. Their missions are fulfilled by consultants selected from an internal database of 2000+ CV's. SDUP will allow our client to create an internal "Facebook" of collaborators and easily search and select the ones who's competencies match the requirements of the mission.

   - Click here to test a CV database type of application.  


How to go for it? 

If you would like to use our SDUP service, please drop us an e-mail on info@imk.ro or write us on Facebook.
You can also use our online form, to SUBMIT your Database project to us, for analysis. 
We will get back to you to discuss your project and budget.
Generally, we are able to provide a proof of concept in a matter of days, free of charge and without obligations.

Looking forward to doing business with you,

IMK Consulting